I help leaders solve dilemmas sooner and make better decisions, faster.

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On the outside, you’re a high flying professional. On the inside, you’re worried.  You have an ethical or personal dilemma that’s causing you stress and frustration.

Whether it is related to your work or personal life, it’s too significant to ignore and too important to put off. Worry no more! Even the world’s top performers find it hard to know what’s right all the time.


Hi I’m Suzy Jacobs and I’ve been helping kick-ass humans solve life’s awkward dilemmas for over 20 years. 

By helping executives and professionals to explore the ‘science of choice’, I show them how to think differently about career, relationships and everything in between.

With my unique, life-changing training, you will discover how to restructure your decision making process so you never feel stuck or conflicted again.


Do you have a relationship, career or money dilemma?

If so, this training will help.

In this free workshop, you will learn the ONE methodology that can be applied to answer every one of your life dilemmas. 

You’ll be so energised and excited by what you learn as you start to gain clarity, confidence and courage in every choice you make.

No more feeling stuck. No more sitting at a crossroad waiting for the right moment to make a decision.

It all starts with an amazing free opportunity...


The Science of Choice - an introduction to the practical and universally applicable Activator Academy syllabus.

Valued at over $1499. Yours FREE.


“For anyone who is 'busy' I would simply say this program is a must”

“Mind-blowing and life-changing. I lead a global team and use this methodology every single day”


Confirm availability. Attend 1 or all 3!

Monday 8th March 11am AEST

Tuesday 9th March 11am AEST

Thursday, 11th March (times allocated on a first-come basis) 15 min Individual training.

All sessions are confidential, interactive, and limited in numbers.



Included in the offer:

Proprietary online self-awareness assessment.

An education syllabus with a proven track record.

2 x 1hr online training sessions conducted over 2 days.

1 x individual training session.


Valued at over $1499. Yours FREE.

Register NOW! www.suzyjacobs.com 

Numbers are limited                       


Suzy Jacobs is a leading Australian educator, speaker, and mentor, with nearly 30 years business experience and over 50 years of life experience. She’s been married, divorced, raised two children, travelled extensively and walked vast distances across Australia.

Exploring the world of choice, Suzy will entice you to think differently about life, love, kids, careers and everything in between. A much-needed education syllabus for chaotic times, empowering you with the tools to transition from life ‘on demand’ to life ‘by choice.


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