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Category: Event VIPs

Come Dine With Me !

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is one of the world's most exciting restaurants. Dinner takes its creative inspiration from our historic and nostalgic culinary past. Our goal is to deliver an extraordinary dining experience and exceed our guests needs and expectations with tailored and personalized service. We read and know our guests so we can apply the appropriate attention to detail and the style required to deliver a unique and original event in Melbourne.

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Events are all about achieving results, Delivering return on investment, Inspiring and motivating each and every participant.

At Verve Creative Events, we are not event producers. We are event campaign designers.

Category: Event VIPs

Experienced Event and Accommodation agent with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in Research, Staff Management, Event Planning, Customer Service, and Microsoft Word and Excel.

Category: Event VIPs

Project, stakeholder, communications and business management specialist with over 14 years of professional experience.

Collaborative leader - Creative and strategic thinker - Commercially minded - Diligent and accountable

Category: Event VIPs

As a speaker, Suzi specialises in the areas of confidence, personal growth transformation and self-esteem mindset. She knows what it takes to lead with courage and fearlessly go after your dreams. Her high energy and humour is infectious and you will leave feeling inspired, uplifted and ready to meet any challenge head on.

Category: Event VIPs

Andrea Wicking is Darwin's most experienced event strategist and manager, delivering premium event management and experiences for Darwin.

A long-term Territorian, Andrea has in excess of 25 years of award winning event management experience, looking after Government, corporate and not for profit sector clients - locally, nationally and internationally.

Category: Event VIPs

My mission is to use my passion for art to create a more inspiring and engaging environment at events throughout the country. I created The Magic Brush in 2008, developing a team of artists who are just as passionate and creative as me. Each of our services push the boundaries of delight and awe, and encourage deeper connections between community, family and workplaces.

Global Futurist and award winning Keynote Speaker helping to inspire audiences across the globe on trends and patterns that are shaping the world beyond tomorrow.

Category: Event VIPs

I am an aspiring Event and Marketing manager, Recently graduating from a Bachelor Of Business at La Trobe University majoring in Event Management and Marketing. With 3 years of experience in Events at a University level I am looking to further my skills in a broader range of areas within the workforce.

Category: Event VIPs

Customer driven professional with a range of experience selling different hotel brands - particularly in relation to marketing and management through GMT experience, swot analysis, selling conference rooms and upsells.

Category: Event VIPs

I am a highly organised and efficient leader with more than 10 years management experience in corporate and not for profit sectors with a specialisation in event management, workforce management and fundraising.

With a demonstrated track record of accomplishing operational and financial results, I have extensive experience in planning and executing major events, fundraising, marketing strategies, workforce planning and management, logistics and operational planning. I have highly regarded interpersonal and strategic skills.

Category: Event VIPs

Experienced Marketing Event Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working across financial services, lighting and media industries.

Category: Event VIPs

Pro Active go getter. Firm believer in the power of positive energy and productivity.

Category: Event VIPs

4 years experience in the event management industry, previous experience in high profile and global Corporate Conferences and Weddings

Category: Event VIPs

I enjoy engaging with people and gaining an understanding of 'their story'. With my love of travel and experience with producing successful events across the world I've been fortunate to work with incredible people. I am strongly passionate about health and lifestyle and enjoy participating in Triathlon events.

Category: Event VIPs

Working in the tourism industry for 15 years within the airline, attractions,travel agent and hotels sectors, has provided me to grow, developed and evolved into a professional and passionate team player.

My objective is to work with a team of passionate individuals striving towards professional customer service and growing business relationships to deliver memorable experiences.

A broad based career in leadership roles across finance, administration, sales, project management and operations as well as board participation in both executive and non-executive capacities spanning 20 years.

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