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Twice voted Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year; Telstra Australian Executive Woman of the Year;-2016 Financial Review Top 100 Women of Influence; Catherine helps boost the bottom line and employee morale. With top global brands as clients, her presentations on customer service, managing change & resilience to turn obstacles to opportunities has earned repeat business on 5 continents.

#1 Best selling non-fiction author of 9 books, translated into over a dozen languages; plus biographies & corporate histories.

Columnist & frequent broadcaster  Specialties: customer service quality, managing change, turning obstacles to opportunities, resilience, and hope to follow your dream. Helping others help themselves!

Dear Familclub members

I trust this finds you in good health, both physically and mentally, during these days of global upheaval and uncertainty.

Yes, we live in unprecedented times—but haven’t there always been unprecedented times in human history?

There is no room for complacency during this current medical and economic crisis. Yet, in spite of cancelled travel, cancelled conferences and investment losses, I find myself safely at home, extremely concerned but relatively calm… possibly because of my lifelong work as an author and speaker to help others be more resilient in times of change; and probably because I’m old enough—and lucky enough—to have survived previous stock market crashes, job losses, airline closures, toilet paper shortages and being stranded in third world hospitals, war zones and countries with border closures.

Shock disruption also happened with the tragedy of 9/11. On that fateful day, I happened to be the keynote speaker at the World Airline conference in Brisbane. The topic: ‘Change is enviable-Learning from change is optional’. You can imagine the mood among the 1600 delegates from around the world…

That same week, Ansett Airlines collapsed which made headlines but many suppliers and small businesses also went under with horrendous fallout, including unreported suicides. Conferences were cancelled and the gaping hole in my busy schedule (and cash flow) prompted me to write a book Hope Happens!-words of encouragement for tough times. As the title suggests, it’s the opposite of S%#T happens.

And my US publisher has agreed to make e-copies available at no charge on Amazon on my

Fear is the thief of time, kindness and courage. There is no vaccine for the trauma of life; whether a bushfire, pandemic or loss of a loved one by tragic or natural causes. Yet knowledge and perspective may sometimes serve as a mild antidote to anxiety.

And although admittedly not feeling particularly ‘motivated’ as a ‘motivational’ speaker, I learned a long time ago to focus on what I can do as an individual; and not waste excessive energy on what I am unable to change. So, although somewhat lengthy, here are some thoughts and lessons learned on my own journey that might help keep your spirits up, as the dollar and share market go down. Here’s the link …and within that article, you’ll also find the link for the e-version of Hope Happens!

Until we meet again, I encourage you to stockpile…on resilience, optimism and kindness! Stay calm, stay safe, stay in touch and of course, stay physically distant if asked to do so.

Take care and keep hope happening.

Kind regards always, Catherine


2016 Financial Review Top 100 Women of Influence
Twice voted Australian Keynote Speaker of the Year- Australian Executive Woman of the Year-Best selling Author of:
The Gift of Nature-Who Says I Can't-Hope Happens-Hot Lemon & Honey-Good Service is Good Business Amazon

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