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Hi my name is Jaynie Seal.

I get up every morning determined to make a positive difference in the world. I do this by touching people’s hearts, inspiring, educating and entertaining.

Having been a media personality for 23 years and a mum of two beautiful young boys for the past 8, the importance of “What” I do is far outweighed by “Why” I do it. I believe in self-reflection, constantly learning and listening in order to be the best person you can be. My personal motto is “Be conscious with a conscience.”

My roles as weather reporter on Sky News Weather, Sky News & QANTAS, along with host for advertorials on Channel 9’s Today Extra, have allowed me to connect with people in a meaningful way. When people describe me they use words like ‘empathy’ ‘entertaining’ ‘credible’ & ‘inspirational’

My “Why” leads to creating connection. Connection with my amazing followers on my social media channels, connection with the audiences that see me MC events & connection with the loyal people who tune into the shows we broadcast every day.

I do this by interacting on my social profiles. I love Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. Being an Ambassador for the Mother’s Day Classic, Australia’s largest charity event raising money for breast cancer research, along with numerous other charity organisations I have been privileged to meet some of the most courageous, inspiring and positive people. Meeting these people and sharing their stories via television, live events & social media allows others to hear their stories & experiences, which are often extremely emotional & heartfelt.

Nothing would motivate me more than to do the same for you and your team.

☞ Please watch my show-reel by clicking on the link below.

☞ Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook you will find me by searching for @jaynieseal

☞ And of course should you wish to discuss how we can work together to create real connection in your business, email my management team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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