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Julie Watson has offered to donate her services to a Sydney company foc in return for a donation to your preferred Firies Charity.

By saving you thousands on a Key Note Speaker and helping Aussies, this offer is available to all current and new Familclub members! 



My talks are called "Stronger Than My Excuses" and I cover overcoming adversity, pushing through and achieving goals, and the Four Written Words

That Will Change Your Business. I include a session on stage which engages the audience too.

Julie is a dynamic, engaging speaker who will help you transform your future by making new habits, or breaking old ones...well after she has finished speaking. She will show you the tools you need to stay motivated and continue on the path to achieving your goals and aspirations not just for the next few days, but ongoing.

Julie's background includes a wealth of knowledge in both marketing concepts and business experience. She has previously held management positions in retail and hospitality, owned and operated retail stores and a restaurant along with working in both global corporations and micro/small businesses. Julie is creator and General Manager of In The R.A.W. Creative, targeting small to medium businesses to help them find their own inspiration. She does this through a series of Online Vlogs, Podcasts, Articles, YouTube TV (Host), Live Presentations and Workshops. Her talks are called 'Stronger Than My Excuses' and she reflects on overcoming her own adversities to become the happiest she has ever been.

Julie manages client relationships within her business with a mandate to ensure total client satisfaction by means of her exceptional communication skills and ability to motivate the people around her, offering tools that will ensure this becomes a new habit, not just a fad for short term motivation. She doesn't just teach her clients, but shows them how to train others so that they can continue to pass on her positive advice and action tools.

Those who have heard her speak have been highly influenced and Julie has many referrals as evidence that her talks really change lives. In her talks, Julie reveals how four written words will change your life!

Rates vary but I guarantee to meet your Budget!

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