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Matina Jewell International Keynote Speaker & Facilitator New South Wales, Australia

Category: Event VIPs

During her 15 year military career, Matina Jewell tracked down warlords, worked with the US Navy SEALs & SAS, fast-roped out of helicopters onto ships and led a UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon where she found herself thrown into the middle of a devastating war between the Hezbollah and Israel. Her team-mates – her ‘bothers’ - were tragically killed.

Matina suffered debilitating injuries ending her military service.

Retired from active duty with numerous distinctions, Matina has served on the Prime Ministerial Advisory Council for Veterans Issues and the National Mental Health Forum, helping pioneer considerable change, particularly for female and younger veterans.

Matina was a member of the ANZAC Centenary Commission alongside former Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and the late Malcolm Fraser, providing recommendations to Government around the 2014-2018 ANZAC Centenary commemoration.
Matina is the best selling author of her memoir Caught in the Crossfire (Allen & Unwin, 2009)
Matina is a founding Ambassador for Project Thankful™, a global movement to encourage us all to reflect and remind ourselves how the everyday can be extraordinary. Thankful™ is partnered with the United Nations to help empower women and help in the cessation of violence against women and children globally.
Despite a busy schedule as a mum, Matina also volunteers to several other charities and lives on the Far North Coast of NSW with her husband and two young girls.

International Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Leadership - Authentic leadership often takes great courage
Change - Creating a purpose-driven culture to thrive through change
Resilience - Resilient people, teams and organisations have the courage to turn challenges into opportunities
Purpose - Ensure clear mission alignment to deliver on the strategic vision
Adapting for Success - Actions-on ‘war game-planning’ to equip for success
High Performing Teams - 10 mission-critical factors for high performing teams
Mental Health - Being alert to it and understanding how to support
Performing Under Pressure - Managing stress to operate effectively outside your comfort zone
Decision Making - Research-backed decision making frameworks tested in some of the most hostile environments on earth
Crisis Management - Planning, practicing and executing with military precision
High Performance Culture - Creating a high performance culture that supports decision making
Culture & Gender - Drawing on individual strengths and diversity to strengthen teams


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